The Grinch Stole Your Christmas Update

My software company is named Woolly Rooster because I raise Silkie chickens, including roosters, which look like “woolly roosters.” I’ve been raising them in my small condo backyard for nearly three years without my neighbors ever complaining. Well, all good things come to an end they say. One of my neighbors saw a nest in a tree and came to believe it was a rats’ nest and that the rats were eating my chicken food. It turned out to just be a squirrels’ nest. Nevertheless, I was informed I had run afoul of zoning restrictions and my birds would have to be moved. So I’ve been busy moving to a rural house in another state instead of finally shipping your Christmas update. I’ve had many unreleased levels sitting on my hard drive for ages and it really is time I stopped slacking and shipped them. Thing is, most players of the game can’t beat the current 60+ levels. So I’ve been doing all the work on the additional levels just for the tiny percentage of you gamers who can actually beat the current levels. Anyway, I’ve said I’ll ship them and gosh darn it I will! After I get settled in my country house, of course. ; ) Merry Christmas!


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