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17 thoughts on “Support

  1. great piece of work! Really Five star game. However, I tried to find it again on the Apple App store and it does not show up but I bought there last Saturday.. what gives?

    • Hi Denny! I have heard a few similar reports. In particular, one of my own housemates tried to find Labyrinth Lunacy on his iPod Touch (4th gen.), which is a supported device, but Labyrinth Lunacy did not show up when he put “Labyrinth Lunacy” into the App Store search box. Very strange! I am hoping this is just a minor technical glitch with the App Store that only affects newly launched apps for a short time, and is not experienced by most customers. If I hear any more reports of customers being unable to find the app on the App Store I will certainly contact Apple. If you try to access Labyrinth Lunacy by using the web link, does that work?

      I’m glad you like the game! I’m working full time on more levels right now.

    • The best way to beat the Rainbow, in my experience, is to roll the ball as slow as is humanly possible. We’re talking “excruciatingly slow.” Hold your device as still as you possibly can so that the ball is completely still and not moving. Then, tilt your device as slowly as you can until the ball barely manages to start rolling in the direction you are tilting. But as soon as the ball starts to move, stop tilting and make the ball still again. Using this technique, you can inch the ball forward in tiny steps. Some find it helpful to rest their hands or elbows on a table or lap in order to help keep their muscles steady and rested during this process. The number one challenge with this process is patience: while rolling the ball this slow, it is tempting to want to make the ball hurry up and go faster. But hurrying usually results in the ball rolling off the edge.

      The Rainbow level is, in a way, most true to the experience of playing with an actual physical wooden labyrinth. The real wood labyrinth maze is, I think, harder than most video game versions. It requires hands that are steadier than rocks, yet can quickly move.

  2. I love the game. the graphics are amazing and it’s challenging. On level thirty in the rainbow chapter the message “only the true marble master, slow and patient will pass.” Is solid like the track, is there a way to get on the message and pass the level?

    • The only way to pass the rainbow level is to roll the marble over the narrow rainbow track. The trick is to hold your device as still and steady as a rock and tilt it so slowly that the marble barely moves. If you tilt quickly the marble will roll quickly and you won’t be able to control it. Thus the hint about the need to be “slow and patient.” Hope this helps. Glad you’re enjoying the game.

      • Hi Justdave, there’ve only been two versions. The first version had only 30 levels. The second version has the separate Star and Rainbow Quests with more than 60 levels. There is a long-overdue update in the works with new levels and an Android port.

    • Hi John, glad you’re enjoying the game. The goal is now to have an update before Christmas 2018. Due to tendon RSI, I cannot use a mouse and keyboard. I can only work on the game using Dragon speech recognition and a head tracking mouse with foot pedals. I also have an elderly relative with dementia who I have to care for. But work on the game slowly marches on, and I do indeed have new levels sitting on my hard drive that I have not released yet.

      • Sounds like you have a bit going on there.
        I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

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